The cost of coaching varies according to the frequency and format chosen by the client but, on average, expect to pay around £115 per month for fortnightly 1-hour sessions or weekly half-hour sessions. This price includes email support between sessions and information sheets and other written materials as and when appropriate. I recommend that all clients discuss their needs fully by telephone before committing to coaching. It is important to establish that coaching is the right process for you at the moment, and that I am the right coach. This initial telephone discussion is free of charge and places you under no obligation.

While most coaching is conducted over the telephone, the frequency and format of sessions depend on your personal preferences, what you wish to achieve through coaching, and what fits best with your schedule. Weekly half-hour sessions work well for a client who wants to maintain momentum on one particular, important project. Fortnightly 45-minute sessions may work better for a client making major, and perhaps difficult, changes, since the longer session allows us to explore an issue more deeply, and the greater interval between sessions allows more time for reflection and ‘bedding down’ of new ideas. Monthly sessions of an hour or more can work well for a self-motivated client who identifies a large number of actions during each session. It can sometimes be helpful to change the format as the client’s focus changes. For example, weekly sessions can establish momentum for a new client, but the frequency can be reduced as the client settles into the process. We can use our initial discussions to establish the best format for you.