Life coaching is an empowering process that enables clients to make positive changes in their lives. It helps individuals to identify and achieve personal goals using a variety of methods that are tailored to the individual client. The coach acts as a catalyst, providing personal support and posing questions that help you to establish where you are now, where you want to be in the future and, most importantly, how to get there. I will then motivate, empower, support and challenge you as you move towards your goal.

I believe that clients already have most of the resources they need, and that these resources can be accessed through the coaching process. Life coaching is non-directional, which means that I will not give you the answers but will enable you to find answers that are right for you. Every person is a unique individual, and you are the only person who is an expert in, and fully understands, your own life. Through coaching we will work together to devise the unique solutions that are the best for you as an individual.

Unlike counselling, life coaching focuses on opportunities rather than problems, and on the present and future rather than the past. It allows clients to recognise where they are at present, to fully express their ideal future, and to determine how to move from one to the other.

I believe that we are at our most effective when we integrate imagination, intuition and playfulness with logic, structure, rational interpretation and verbal expression. Hence, my coaching can be very structured, brainstorming the actions needed to obtain a specific outcome, and creating a clear action plan for you to follow. By contrast, I also use techniques such as imagework that allow the client to access their inner wisdom, bringing ideal solutions to their conscious awareness. Each session will draw on the combination of techniques that is right for the issue being explored, but also depending on the personal preferences of the client.

Life coaching is confidential, and everything discussed during the session is kept strictly confidential by the coach. It is also non-judgmental and non-critical. There are no failures in coaching, only actions and the results of actions. Where the results are unexpected this provides valuable opportunities for learning.

Life coaching takes place through a series of one-to-one sessions over the telephone. Sessions are tailored to suit the individual client, but a typical session may include:

  • Reviewing previous actions
  • Setting goals for the session
  • Looking at where you are now
  • Exploring possible options
  • Agreeing actions
  • Summarising what has been agreed